The Very Beginning

Whats up! How’s it going? Welcome to my blog!

My name is Viktor and I used to play a bunch of different video games when I was a kid. I still have memories of playing some of the classics like Donkey Kong and Batman: The Video Game on the NES, Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure and The Lion King on the SNES. They were cool games, you know. But some of my favourite games were on the PlayStation 2 like Prince of Persia, San Andreas, Jak & Daxter, and a ton more. I played a lot! But as I became older the amount of games I play has decreased drastically. This is bad. For one, I actually want to become a game developer (an artist for those of you who are interested), which means I need to stay up to date with what’s out there and two, I need to actually do something productive cause I spend too much time watching YouTube videos.

This blog will basically be my thoughts on the games I’ve played. It’s not supposed to be something formal or super organised, just my thoughts. Using my high knowledge in video games, I will essentially review them and hopefully give you a light and entertaining read. I do want to say though, writing isn’t my strongest skill, but I will do my best to try and improve as things go by.

So join me in my adventure in trying not to waste time and being more productive.

Also, here’s a painting of a fox because I love foxes.


Image by Aussienka.

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